Traditional Classes

Degree Applicable

Desert Bible Institute currently offers 31 one courses; seven of these were added just last semester. All of these classes are transferable to any participating Bible college. 

The lectures for all of these classes are recorded by the top scholars and professionals in their fields. The classes range from 9 to 31 lectures per class depending on the topic. All lectures and other required materials will be sent directly to your email for you to download.

As students listen to their classes, they will answer a number of study guide questions to help them follow the lecture. These questions and the following term paper only apply to those students desiring college credit.

Students are also supplied with a selection of textbooks to use for their class. Students can select any one of the pre-approved text to write their term paper on. The paper will be a comparison and contrast between the lectures and the text on a single topic. Most classes have at least one audio textbook selection for those students who prefer that format.

When the study guide questions and term paper are completed, they will be turned in to DBI for evaluation. Once both are deemed satisfactory, a certificate of completion will be sent to the student.


Non-Degree Classes

In an attempt to meet all the needs of our student, DBI is in the process of creating a number of non-degree workshops. These are ideal classes for personal improvement, home study, or even small group work.  

These courses are much less expensive and are oriented more to produce personal growth, improvement in ministry, and edification than final, formal papers.

Students will be given a variety of materials to help enrich their learning experience. While materials vary from class to class, they may include discussion questions, guided notes, powerpoints, worksheets, and other suggested readings.

There are no required readings for these course, but DBI will often suggest good choices in both text and audio formats.

Current workshops under development include:

  • Inductive Bible Study
  • Know What You Believe
  • Galatians
  • Philippians
  • Selflessness in the Christian Faith

For more information about these workshops, feel free to contact the office of the president at: