Audio Textbooks

In an attempt to make every student's learning experience as simple and accessible as possible, DBI has partnered with the foremost leader and producer of Christian audio books. When you sign up for your class, you will be given not only a list of print and electronic texts you can choose from but also a broad array of choices in audio format. If you are interested in taking advantage of this innovative offer, please contact your advisor to receive your special DBI discount code. Click on the christianaudio icon below to peruse their impressive (and sometimes free) selections. 


You will want a dependable email to transfer your assignments, ask questions, get DBI updates, and receive the results of all your hard work.

If you have a reliable email already, that's great. Make sure DBI is in your address box so we don't accidently end up in the spam box.

If you don't we recommend Gmail. It has proven dependable for many of our students. A word or advice, when you create a username pick something with your name in it. This makes it much easier to identify you. We don't want you in the spam box either.

You cab sign up for Gmail for free at:

Adobe Acrobat

Many of the files we will send you will be in pdf format. While most computers come with some sort of pdf reader on them, some do not. Adobe offers you a free version of their reader, Acrobat, so that you can read our files easily. You will not be able to edit our documents with the free version, but you will be able to see them and print them. Files that often need to be typed directly on (like study questions and registration forms) are offered in both pdf and MS Word formats.

You can download you free copy of Adobe Acrobat at:

Special Problems

If you can not find a solution to any of your problems here, please contact us at Please allow 2-3 working days for a response.

Video Tutorials

The following are short tutorials to help you work through some of the basic steps of downloading and using your DBI courses. Click on the box in the lower right corner of the video to enlarge it to full screen.


DBI uses Dropbox to transfer your lectures, class materials, forms, and other important information directly to your email letting us make your learning experience easier.

If you do not already have Dropbox on your computer we recommend that you do. It will allows us to not only transfer information to you quickly and safely, but it will also allow you to take all your DBI materials with you without taking up precious space on your mobile device.

To get Dropbox for free visit: